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"Lives are at needless risk if ionisation
smoke alarms are fitted in any of your properties.

Examine the facts. Replace ionisation
alarms with photoelectrics as soon as possible"

Adrian Butler, Chairman, Co-Founder, Former Fire Fighter, WFSF

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia  |  17 March 2017

 "Do the Right Thing . . . What the

QFES and the WFSF Both Recommend."

"Cowardice asks the question:  Is it safe?
Expediency asks the question:
  Is it politic?.

Vanity asks the question:  Is it popular?..
But conscience asks the question:
  Is it right?...

And there comes a time when we must take a position...     ..
that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but...          .
one must take it because it is right.”...  ..........

Martin Luther King


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Compliance Contractors, Body Corporate Managers,
Property Owners, Property Managers & Real Estate Principals

Queensland's Photoelectric-only Legislation was enacted 1 Jan 2017

1) Non-Compliant Photoelectric Smoke Alarms

Queensland's legislation mandates the installation of photoelectric smoke alarms tested to the 2014 version of Australia's Smoke Alarm Standard, i.e. AS3786-2014. So, even if you do have photoelectirc smoke alarms they may not comply with the legislation.

However, thousands of non compliant photoelectric smoke alarms (i.e. tested to AS3786-1993), have been installed in Queensland properties since 1 Jan 2017.


Protect yourself from litigation - request your compliance company provides written confirmation that all photoelectric smoke alarms installed after 1 Jan 2017 were tested to AS3786-2014.


More out about life-safety & litigation concerns HERE.

2) Compliant Ionisation Smoke Alarms - Life Safety & Litigation Concerns

Are you are certifying/allowing to be certified, ionisation smoke alarms as compliant with Australia's flawed Smoke Alarm Standards (AS3786-1993 and/or AS3786-2014)?

Some Compliance Companies claim ionisation alarms are technically 'legal' . . . despite these deadly devices being allowed to pass the flawed standard (AS3786). Watch the TV reports and see why tenants lives are at risk. Examine your conscience. Ask yourself, "Is this right?"


Do the right thing . . . what the Queensland Fire Service and the WFSF both recommend:

Replace Ionisation With Photoelectric Smoke Alarms As Soon As Possible.

ABC-WFSF Radio Interview

Grenfell and Lacrosse Fires - Are Residential,

Low and High-Rise Buildings Safe?

Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia  |  19 June 2017

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