Ionisation Smoke Alarms Should Be Banned!


Fire & Rescue New South Wales (FRNSW) is one of the world's largest metropolitan fire brigades. On 12 January 2016, FRNSW Commissioner Greg Mullins and Adrian Butler, Chairman of the World Fire Safety Foundation called for a ban on ionisation smoke alarms.


Less than one year later, on 1 Jan 2017, the world’s most comprehensive photoelectric-only smoke alarm legislation became law in Queensland Australia. This legislation prohibits the installation of ionisation technology.


Should ionisation smoke alarms be banned?


Read this report - discover the facts for yourself.

"Ionisation Smoke Alarms Should Be Banned!"

WFSF report featuring FRNSW Commissioner Greg Mullin's repeated warnings that "Ionisation smoke alarms should be banned."

This report explains the ongoing battle to compel smoke alarm companies to release Australian Government (CSIRO) test data which will provide the scientific evidence that ionization smoke alarms are not safe.

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